12 January 2021

Held at Carden Park in early September 2020, the company and their guests managed to adhere to strict government and company Coronavirus policies by hosting the whole event outside of the clubhouse, as well as include individual sanitisers in each of the player’s entry pack. It was a tremendous stroke of luck as they managed to stumble on a rogue sunny day in September, and even managed to squeeze in a BBQ once the golf was completed.

This was the 5th year the event has been held and the £6000 generated on this occasion takes total money raised way beyond £25,000 for local charities and causes.

Company Director Jonathan Seddon said ‘The pandemic has placed huge pressure on charities across the nation this year, and we were delighted to be able to support two deserving local causes with a £3000 donation to both the West Cheshire Food Bank and KidsBank Chester.’

Ian Oulton, Volunteer Finance Trustee of the WCFB added ‘In the last few months, we have seen an ever-increasing demand for supply of emergency food to local people in crisis, with the starkest increase of almost 40% to families with children, many of whom have never had to resort to a Foodbank before. Sadly, we expect this will only accelerate over the coming winter months. Your welcome donation means we will be able to prepare as best we can for this worrying winter surge in demand.’

Cathy Pettingale, Director of Operations at KidsBank Chester commented ‘ Further to our conversation yesterday may I once again, on behalf of our Trustees and the families we support, thank you for this unexpected and generous donation. The difference this will make, however it is spent, in the lives of local families is difficult to quantify but you can rest assured that it will make a significant difference.

It is hard to believe that in our local community there are children who sleep on blow up mattresses, who don’t have warm coats or a cosy duvet to keep them snug at night, there are mums who battle daily with difficult choices such as food or heat. But with support from KidsBank and with donations like yours, these situations can be minimised.’

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